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Vocational Rehabilitation Counseling

Rehabilitation counselors assist individuals with mental, emotional and/or physical disabilities to overcome or manage the personal, social, and vocational effects of the disabilities on employment or independent living. Counseling services may include but are not limited to an assessment of education and work history, vocational testing, a review of relevant medical/ psychological records, vocational/occupational research and/or planning, etc.



Process by which case specific information (wage, occupational, industry, etc.) is investigated and explored utilizing in-depth Internet, print and primary source information.


Vocational Testing

A variety of testing instruments can be utilized to determine an individual’s interests, aptitudes, achievement levels, specified skill sets, etc. Results of the testing are useful tools involved with educational and vocational preparation/planning as well as employment/ occupational decision making.

Life Care Planning

Life care planning is a process by which future care and/or treatment needs are obtained by the appropriate medical/ psychological professionals related to a particular injury, illness or other chronic medical condition. Research is then performed to determine the associated costs for the recommended care/ treatment within the individual’s geographic region.


Transition Assessments

Transition assessments are age-appropriate evaluations of individuals with disabilities in a high school setting preparing for transition to post high school education, employment and/or community integration. Assessments may include review of existing education plans or external evaluations with regard to transition activities, vocational testing, interview with the student and available family members, etc. A comprehensive report is prepared with the outcome of the assessment to be utilized in the transition process in the individual’s education plan.


Career Counseling

Career counseling can assist individuals of any age determine their strengths/weaknesses with regard to education and employment. Sessions may include vocational testing and assisting with occupational research to support educational and/or occupational decision making.


Expert Consultation
and/or Testimony

Independent vocational rehabilitation assessment (earning capacity) and/or life care planning services provided within a litigated setting. Assessments are provided for both plaintiff and defense and may include an interview and/or testing, review of available records, analysis of opposing expert opinions and deposition and/or trial testimony if necessary.

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